Hopewell S.A.F.E.

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The Hopewell Township Police Department has created a registry for our community members

that are Autistic or have another communication disability in efforts to give police quick access

to critical information about a person who is registered in an emergency situation. This registry

will provide our officers with emergency contact information, detailed physical descriptions

including a photo, medical concerns, best way to communicate, known stressors / stress

reducers, and much more. This information will greatly assist our police officers when time is

essential in communicating and dealing with an emergency situation.

We ask that all questions be filled out completely and a current photograph be provided. If you

are unable to supply a photograph, we will be happy to take one for you. The information you

provide is confidential and will only be used by law enforcement in an emergency situation.

If any information on the registration changes you are encouraged to inform us as soon as

possible. This program is free to the community and another example of our committed

partnership in Community Policing with our residents. You can download the registration form

from our website:

Hopewell S.A.F.E. Application

Please contact Det. Alexis Mirra at amirra@hopewelltwp.org with any questions. Completed

forms may be handed in at our Police Dispatch window, or emailed to Det. Alexis Mirra.

Upon completion/submission of the registration form, we will provide a Hopewell Township

Police HOPEWELL S.A.F.E. sticker that you can proudly display on your vehicle and front

entrance door. This sticker will bring awareness to responding Officers / EMS during an

emergency situation while serving as a de-escalation tool.