Social Support & Wellbeing

The role of a public health system is to improve health outcomes across our community. Hopewell Township Health Department is proud to share with the Hopewell Valley a newly developed Social Support Resources Brochure. This brochure was created to help link residents of Hopewell Valley to local and state resources covering: healthcare, youth services, senior services, behavioral health support, food assistance, transportation, housing assistance, and emergency services.   

To download the printable brochure please click HERE.

Community Resources

Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance: administers programs and activities in Hopewell Valley that promote positive youth development and build community. It is a volunteer organization with representatives from various community sectors including local government, schools, businesses, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, faith communities, youth-serving organizations, special needs communities, parents, and health providers. For more information click to visit their website or contact the coordinator, Heidi Kahme, at

Hopewell Valley YMCA: The YMCA offers before and after-school child care programs, as well as other youth programs. The goal is to get the youth of Hopewell Valley involved in sports and other social activities. They also offer educational programs on health and safety, babysitting, diabetes prevention, etc. 

Hopewell Valley Single Parenting Together: Builds community and provides solidarity and support among single parents in the Hopewell Valley School District and vicinity. Email for more information.  

Pennington Adult Living Services (PALS): PALS is fully licensed by the New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities to offer services and interventions to assist individuals with autism to achieve more independent, productive, and happy lives. Call 609-737-4469. 

HomeFront logoHomeFront: provides resources ranging from food, including baby formula/food when available, diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons), and other hygiene products for adults and children. Walk-up hours are Monday 10am-2pm, Tuesday, 2pm-6pm, and Thursday, 10am-2pm. HomeFront also attacks the problem of homelessness from all sides, not only providing immediate emergency housing, but also working with families to promote education. 

Arm in Arm: Provides numerous services to ensure Mercer County has the basic needs of food and shelter. Arm In Arm has two locations: 48 Hudson St. in Trenton, and 61 Nassau St. in Princeton. Food pantry hours at the Trenton location are 9:30AM- 1 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays. Food pantry hours for the Princeton location are Mondays & Wednesdays, 1:30PM- 4:00PM, and Tuesdays, 1:30PM- 7:00PM. Call 609-396-9355 with general questions. 

WomanSpace: A non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive array of services to individuals and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for adults and their families. Programs include crisis intervention, emergency shelter, counseling, court advocacy, and housing services. 

Stronger Together Prevention ResourcesSharing the Hope Family Support Center  in Mercer County is grant funded, and offers free, one-on-one family support for individuals who have a loved one affected by substance use disorder.   

New Jersey 211: is a database for local resources. Specialists have access to a resource database of over 7,600 community programs and services that assist people who need help with life's basic food, utilities, affordable housing, rental assistance, mental and physical health, substance use disorders, child care, senior needs, legal assistance, transportation, disability services and so much more. 

WFNJ: provides temporary cash assistance and other support services to families through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.