Our schools are already filled up! Are we going to have to build a new school, too?

The School District has done extensive studies of the school populations.  Currently they are well-below capacity.  In total, there are more than 600 open seats across the District.  We, the Township, working with the School District plan to complete more detailed demographic studies, but initial analyses suggest that any additional children that will come to the school district via these new developments will be absorbed within the existing capacity through 2025. 

Just like any other neighborhood that has been built in Hopewell Township, if the Township sees a need for additional services in decades to come that might cost taxpayers money, we will look very closely at how to raise and spend those funds.  As one example, because these sites have been put into redevelopment areas, the Township has the option to negotiate a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) with the developers, which can provide significantly more tax revenue to the municipality.  This strategy has already been employed for the Klockner tract on Federal City Road, resulting in incremental revenues to the Township of ~$750,000 in the first year after the project is completed.  This is equivalent to 5% of the current municipal tax levy and this one development will contribute almost as much revenue to the Township coffers as our largest employer does today (5.9% of tax base).

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1. What is an intervenor?
2. What if The Township didn’t enter the litigation?
3. Why did Hopewell Township agree to a negotiated settlement on Affordable Housing?
4. Why do we have to have more housing? We have enough!
5. Who exactly qualifies for Affordable Housing?
6. I heard that there are going to be a lot of market rate houses too. Why?
7. I don’t object to the 653 Affordable Housing units we need to build, but why didn’t Hopewell Township move forward with 100% Affordable Housing across the Township?
8. Why do we need affordable housing? There are plenty of houses in town that haven’t sold.
9. I heard that it’s just going to be house after house after house. Not that there is anything wrong with housing developments, but shouldn’t it be walkable and maybe some ratables?
10. How soon is this going to happen?
11. Do our taxes have to pay for this?
12. Our schools are already filled up! Are we going to have to build a new school, too?
13. Where will the developments be?
14. Why do you have to build in the southern tier? It’s not fair! We have all the development!
15. I am concerned about how all this new development will impact traffic in Hopewell Township. Why wasn’t this considered upfront?
16. Why do we have to build on the field on the west side of Scotch Road?
17. Why did land have to be classified as a Redevelopment Zone?
18. What if Pennytown had been built? Would we still be getting all of this?
19. If we hadn’t spent the Affordable Trust Fund money on Pennytown, couldn’t we could have paid for all of the affordable housing now required without market rates?
20. What about sewers? I live on Pennington-Washington Crossing Road and my septic system is failing. I thought we were promised no high-density housing near us. What is going to be done to help us?
21. I am concerned that bringing more Affordable Housing to Hopewell Township is going to negatively impact our community and bring down property values.
22. How was the public involved in this process? Is this all a done deal?
23. Questions have been raised recently regarding the PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreement for the Zaitz Tract behind the Shop Rite. First, is the Zaitz PILOT a good deal for Hopewell Twp taxpayers?
24. Will Hopewell Township taxes go up because of this PILOT?
25. What’s the impact on our schools?