• Seniors in Full Bloom social media post with 8 pictures and the senior services graphic of a tree
  • flower show entrance sign
  • bus with trip attendees
  • kangaroo made out of hay
  • garden of red and white lilies
  • row of multi colored hydrangeas
  • large flower garden under a trellis
  • 3 brass musicians in overalls and straw hats
  • 3 dimensional art of a bird in a nest made of sticks
  • display of windowsill plant ideas
  • hill filled with flowers and abstract art in the back
  • wrought iron chair in the middle of purple flowers
  • sign on slate saying look for the angels in your life, they are everywhere
  • spring garden with a variety of flowers in front of an arbor
  • garden of lilies with bricks around it
  • crowd in front of building made of branches
  • woodland display
  • boy enjoying plant display
  • Boy in front of a giant beehive model

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