Tax Assessor

Property Tax Assessment 

New Jersey has an ad valorem based tax system which means that property tax assessment is based on the market value of your property. 

Understanding Your 2023 Assessment

The land value for assessment purposes represents the neighborhood in which your property is located as well as topography, site improvements, and any other influential factors pertinent to its location. The improvement value represents the cost to replace your particular structure or structures. In looking at your assessed value, it is very important that you look at the total assessment and not separate land and improvement values. When filing an appeal, the total value will be considered.

Dates to Remember

  • Appeals must be filed on or before April 3rd for the 2023 Tax Year.
  • Farmland Applications must be filed by August 1st. Applications will be sent in June.
tax breakdown pie chart for 2023
2022 vs 2023 tax rates