Who Do I Contact?

There have been some personnel changes at Hopewell Township recently. Here is a current list of who to contact with questions.  

  • For an emergency, always call 911. Non-Emergency Police questions can be answered at 609-737-3100 
  • General Questions- Need to reach the Township for general information? Email info@hopewelltwp.org or call 609-737-0605 
  • Tax Collector- Do you have questions about your tax or sewer bill? Contact the Tax Collector Mary Kennedy-Nadzak, mkennedy@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6450 
  • Tax Assessor- Do you have questions about your property assessment or programs such as Farmland Assessment or Senior/ Veteran property tax deductions? Contact Kimberly Poole, kpoole@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6480 
  • Clerk- The Clerk has a variety of duties. If you have questions about filing an Open Public Records Request (OPRA), setting up a raffle, elections, and other items of regulatory concern, contact the Deputy Township Clerk, Kathy Fenton-Newman, kfentonnewman@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6620 
  • Recreation- Do you need have questions about using Woolsey Park for an event or about camps and events? Contact Leslie Conant, lconant@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-3753 
  • Senior Services- Do you have a questions about the services for seniors the Township and the Boroughs offer? Contact Senior Services Coordinator Randi Knechel, rknechel@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6360 
  • Building and Construction- Are you wondering if the construction you’d like to do requires a permit? All building permit questions can be answered by Linda Peterson, lpeterson@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6410 
  • Community Development-  
  • Registrar- Our registrar takes care of all birth, marriage and death certificates. Questions in English or Spanish? Contact Evelyn Estrada, eestrada@hopewelltwp.org,  609-737-0605 x6840 
  • Animal Control- Pet licenses and all animal control issues and questions are handled by our Animal Control Officer, Belinda Ogitis, bogitis@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6780. For after hours emergency animal issues, contact the non-emergency police number, 609-737-3100. 
  • Health- All well, septic and sewer questions can be answered by Pete Enea, penea@hopewelltwp.org,  609-737-0605 x6350 
  • Public Works- Do you have a question about Public Works activities, such as Recycling, Brush/Leaf and Bulk Waste collection? Contact Joy Arena, jarena@hopewelltwp.org, 609-537-0250 
  • Home Sales- Do you need a Letter of Review for Home Sales? All the information you need is here, http://hopewelltwp.org/DocumentCenter/View/140/Real-Estate-Transfer-Requirements-PDF, but if you have further questions contact: 
    • Health Dept for Well Water and/or Septic- Pete Enea, penea@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-0605 x6350
    • Fire Safety for smoke detectors, CO alarms, and Fire Extinguishers- Fire Safety 609-730-8156 
  • Court- Do you need to know something about the Municipal Court? Contact Court Administrator Margaret Umbro, mumbro@hopewelltwp.org, 609-737-1035