Building & Construction Mission

Mission Statement

The Hopewell Township Municipal Construction Office (MCO) administers and enforces the "Uniform Construction Code - State of New Jersey," within the boundaries of Hopewell Township. The MCO reviews construction permit applications and issues construction permits for Building, Fire, Plumbing, Electric and Mechanical Subcodes for commercial and residential structures. The MCO performs inspections and issues Certificates of Occupancy (CO) and / or Certificates of Approval (CA) for each project. The MCO is regulated by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Salaries, permit fees and working conditions are determined by the Hopewell Township Committee.


It is the objective of the Municipal Construction Office (MCO) to provide assistance to the taxpayers, residents and businesses of Hopewell Township in dealing with the complexities and requirements of the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) of the State of New Jersey.


  • To provide professional, timely, efficient and courteous service to those requesting the services of the MCO
  • To continue to streamline daily operations and reduce duplication of effort thus increasing productivity
  • To continue to microfilm and scan all files thus creating an efficient and cost effective way of document management
  • To continue with the implementation of an "online" application and permit issuing process thereby relieving applicants of the need to apply and receive a construction permit "in person" at the Municipal Building