Mission Statement
The Purchasing Agent strives to professionally and ethically procure the best-valued products and services promptly, and following state laws and regulations, to enable the township department heads to meet their objectives. The Agent has also been appointed by resolution, the Township's Affirmative Action Officer, and Public Compliance Officer.

What We Do
Under the direction of the Township Administrator, this centralized office is responsible for the Township's entire procurement process. The process, by which quotes or bids are required, depends on the State-mandated bid threshold, which is by commodity, in the aggregate. Currently, the bid threshold is $40,000. The quote threshold is $6,000.

Bids and RFP's
The Township of Hopewell conducts all bids and RFP’s on an e-procurement platform. Please go to our page on BidNetDirect and register for alerts on all upcoming bids, RFPs, and results. If you need information about an older bid, please email Sean Canning.