Do Not Solicit registry

cartoon image of hand knocking on a door with a red line through it

This decal for your door is now available. The first 250 decals requested will be at no charge. A decal is not required to be on the Do Not Solicit registry.

No Knock sticker for door showing township logo with the words no soliciting below

The Hopewell Township Do Not Solicit registry 

  • All businesses and residents of the Township may register their name and address with the Township Clerk to request to be placed on the Do Not Solicit registry.  The list is for residents and businesses who do not wish to be approached by any Peddler or Solicitor. There are exceptions- see below.
  • Solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the Police Department.
  • Permit holders may not approach or seek personal contact with the occupant of any residence either at the residence or within the perimeter of the property if the address is on the Do Not Solicit registry.
  • Do Not Solicit registry members remain on the list until they request to be removed or move from the registered address.  
  • Optional “No Soliciting” decals are available. A decal is not required to be on the registry.
  • Enforcement of this ordinance is the responsibility of the Hopewell Township Police Department. Contact the Police non-emergency line 609-737-3100 to report non-compliance. 
  • The registry list appears on the page above. It will be updated regularly.

Be aware that there are exceptions to this ordinance

  • Deliveries
  • Charitable organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Political candidates and their representatives

Questions? Email Katherine Fenton-Newman, Municipal Clerk