Fire Safety Public Education

Below are pictures of our 2021 Fire Safety Open House held on October 9, 2021.

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Pictures of fire safety education

Below are pictures from our 2018 Fire Safety Open House held on October 13th

Below, The Cambridge School Art Students painted a fire safety mural in the Hopewell Township Health Department Lobby during the week of October 16th to October 20, 2017. In celebration of Fire Prevention Month.

Fire Safety Education for the Public is conducted by the uniform staff of Hopewell Township Fire District No.1 on an ongoing basis. This is accomplished through the use of various national programs that are taught in the local elementary and middle schools.

Annual events include:

National Fire Prevention Week
Sponsored by the NFPA it is held the first week of October annually. Each year we visit all the public and most private elementary schools in Hopewell Valley to conduct education for the students. In 2016 we conducted over 355 man hours of public education and reached an estimated 1789 people. 

The FIRE IS program is utilized taught in the public schools grades 4 and 5 annually.
Fire Safety Open House
Conducted the last Saturday of fire prevention week. Members of the public are able to watch and participate in fire fighting demonstrations, watch fire and police dog demonstrations along with many other activities that are fun and educational for the entire family.