Animal Control

All newly acquired dogs and cats can be vaccinated against rabies by three months of age. Booster shots are given after the first dose and if the pet is over one year old.

With the exception of puppies and kittens during the 1st year of vaccination, rabies vaccinations must be valid for 10 of 12 months of the year to obtain a license.

A door-to-door canvass is conducted annually to locate unlicensed pets and assure all pets are properly vaccinated against the rabies virus.

Report a Bite

Anyone with knowledge of an animal bite (to a pet or person) is required to report the bite to the Health Department so that an investigation can be initiated. 

Free Rabies Vaccination Clinics

To assist residents in protecting their pets and family against rabies, free Rabies Vaccination Clinics are offered several times each year. Please call Animal Control to confirm clinic dates and obtain information on other free clinics throughout the greater Mercer County Area at 609-537-0278.