Planning Board


The statutory functions and powers of the Planning Board are:

  • To develop and update the Master Plan of the Township, which guides the land uses and development of the Township.
  • To develop, maintain, and recommend changes to the Official Zoning Map and the Land Use and Zoning Ordinance.
  • To review and control the creation of land subdivisions, site plans of permitted non-residential uses and conditional use applications within the Township.
  • To review, if authorized, the Township Capital Improvement Program.

Applications and Staff Contacts
For applications, checklists, application guidance and staff contacts, please see the Planning Department page.

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available after meetings have been completed.
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Regular Meetings

  • Commencing April 22, 2021, Zoom meeting start time will change from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday of every month except November 18 (3rd Thursday) and December 9 (2nd Thursday); also, 2nd Thursday of the month February through May. 
  • Zoom link can be found in the Agenda Center. When permitted by the Governor of the State of NJ, meetings will be held at the Municipal Building Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.
  • Hopewell Township Municipal Building
    201 Washington Crossing Pennington Road
    Titusville, NJ 08560

Application Review Committee Meetings

If required, meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. 

Please contact the Planning Office to verify any changes in meeting dates or times

planning board members

The Hopewell Township Planning Board consists of nine regular and two alternate members. Of the regular members, the Mayor is the Class I Member and a Township Committee member is the Class III member. They both serve a one year term. There are six volunteer members each serving terms of four years, two volunteer alternates, each serving terms of two years.


  • Kristin McLaughlin, Class I- Term expires December 2021
  • Rex Parker, Class II- Term expires December 2021
  • Kevin Kuchinski, Class III- Term expires December 2021
  • Leigh Ann Peterson, Class IV- Unexpired through December 2022
  • Jack Belmont, Class IV- Term expires December 2024
  • Paul Kiss, Vice Chair, Class IV- Term expires December 2021
  • Karen Murphy, Chair, Class IV- Term expires December 2023
  • Milind Khare, Class IV- Term expires December 2022
  • Russell Swanson, Class IV- Term expires December 2024
  • Vanessa Sandom, Alternate Number 1- Term expires December 2022
  • Glenn Paul, Alternate Number 2- Term expires December 2021

documents for active applications

Refer to Meeting Agendas for scheduling of all active applications listed

Block 78.09, Lot 21 - Woodmont at Hopewell - 87 Federal City Road - Site Plan, Preliminary/Final

Block 93, Lots 5.01, 5.02, 6.02 - US Home Corp., D/B/A Lennar - Scotch Road - Preliminary/Final Major Subdivision and Site Plan

  1. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Application
  2. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Correspondence
  3. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Reports
  4. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Review Reports
  5. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 1 Survey - Subdivision
  6. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 2 Site Layout
  7. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 3 - Grading - Drainage
  8. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 4 Utility - Soil Erosion
  9. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 5 Profiles - Details
  10. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 6 Sales Trailer - Landscape
  11. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 7 Lighting
  12. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 8 Architecturals 1
  13. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 9 Architecturals 2
  14. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Plans - Part 10 Architecturals 3
  15. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02_Pre-Marked Exhibits A-1a thru A-13h PowerPoint_Colored Site Renderings_Viewshed Photos
  16. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02_Pre-Marked Exhibits A-14a thru A-14jj Holliday Architects_Elevations_Floor Plans
  17. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02_Pre-Marked Exhibits A-15a thru A-15o Major Design Architects_Elevations_Floor Plans
  18. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Pre-Marked Exhibits A-14a thru A-14kk Holliday Architects_Elevations_Floor Plans_Rev1
  19. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Pre-Marked Exhibits A-16a thru A-16e Site Amenities
  20. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Pre-Marked Exhibits A-14ii.1_A-17_A18a_A18b_A19a_A19b_A19c - Clubhouse Flr Plan Rev_Test Pit Overlay_Landscape_Lighting
  21. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Pre-Marked Exhibit A-19d_Site Lighting Revised-17 sheets
  22. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Pre-Marked Exhibit A-19e_Fixture_Pole Reduction Summary
  23. B 93-L 5.01_5.02_6.02-Exhibit PB-1 Edits to Revised Site Lighting Plan

Block 85, Lots 3 & 9 and Block 86, Lots 32, 33, 34 & 130 - US Home at Hopewell Urban Renewal, LLC - Wash Cross Penn Road, Reed Road, Diverty Road - Preliminary/Final Major Subdivision and Site Plan

  1. B85-L3_Var-Application
  2. B85-L3_Var-Reports
  3. B85-L3_Var-Review Reports
  4. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 1-Survey_Subdivision
  5. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 2-Site Layout
  6. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 3-Grading
  7. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 4-Utilities
  8. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 5-Road Profiles
  9. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part-6 Storm Sewer Profiles
  10. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 7-Sanitary Sewer Profiles
  11. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 8-Cross Sections
  12. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 9-Landscape
  13. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 10-Lighting
  14. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 11-Soil Erosion_Sediment Control
  15. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 12-Construction Details
  16. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 13-Fire_Garbage Truck Turning Radius
  17. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 14-Sales_Construction Trailers_Model Home Layout
  18. B85-L3_Var-Plans_Part 15-Architectural _Floor
  19. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A1.00 thru A1.24 Holliday Arch Plans
  20. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A2 thru A10_Engineering
  21. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A3.1_A6.1_A8.1_A11_A12_A12.1_A13_A14_A14.1_A-15 Engineering
  22. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-12.2 Community Area Proposed 7 Acre Site B
  23. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-12.3 Community Area Equivalent 7 Acre Site w_Rec Area B
  24. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-16 Shop Rite Access_Vehicular_Pedestrian
  25. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-14.1_Section Views_Diverty Rd_Updated
  26. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-17 thru A-17.13_Lighting
  27. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-7.1_Circulation_Recreation
  28. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibit A-18_ShopRite Lighting
  29. B 85 L 3_Var_Pre-Marked Exhibits A-3.2_A-4.1_A-5.1_A-6.2_A-7.2_A-8.2_A-9.1_A-10.1_A-12.4_A-13.1_Revised_AH-2 Loc_Rec Bldg_Pool Area-SR Access Rd

planning board reports

Master Plan - Open Space and Recreation Plan Element